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How do you operate controls in Ultrawings (and where do you find documentation in general)

nochopsnochops Posts: 20
I cannot find any way to operate the throttle in Ultrawings. the "voice" and on-screen messages say to use the computer (which isn't connected) and the "tablet"  - also not connected, and the one on the screen does nothing.  I can see the throttle lever, but there's no way to move it.  Making random motions on the top of the controller it plane started moving, but when I moved forward - the normal throttle motion - the plane went backwards and then sideways.

Where is the documentation?  I just got my go a couple days ago, and while a few passive things are fun the games all seem to have a learning curve based on either previous game experience or dumb luck.  I'm not a gamer so I can't operate them intuitively, and my luck isn't helping.  I'm just stunned that a new, expensive, hi-tech product has almost NO documentation.  Have I missed something about where it's all located  or is it really that poorly supported?


  • jschalljschall Posts: 3
    In my experience I just press and hold the top of the touch pad to raise the throttle.
    And yes, it would be nice to have some documentation for Ultrawings.
  • throggythroggy Posts: 1
    Throttle response ti Oculus trackpad needs some work
  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 735
    throggy said:
    Throttle response ti Oculus trackpad needs some work
    The latest UltraWings Go update has improved this quite a bit imho.
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