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Facebook Live Stream in RIFT???????

FP_ECHO_12FP_ECHO_12 Posts: 7
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edited August 2018 in Oculus Share
Oculus GearVR released Live Facebook Streaming within Oculus last year. It includes this awesome feature where you get a live stream of comments as they come in on your stream, direct in your headset. Here's a video -

I can't seem to find anything about this for the RIFT. Are there any plans to integrate this same feature in the RIFT????????? If it's already there, how do you set it up!?


  • ElusiveMarlinElusiveMarlin Posts: 301
    edited August 2018
    Have you tried Facebook Spaces?

    You can live stream from there and viewers can comment as normal.

    It is very functional, but I keep expecting more to come from this, unfortuately for the past 10 moths its been static, with no extra features
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  • FP_ECHO_12FP_ECHO_12 Posts: 7
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    You can stream VR Games from there? And you can see comments in your headset during the game like the video above?
  • SkirmySkirmy Posts: 3
    As of right now my Oculus Go can do exactly as you are asking about. I stream my VR games home etc to Facebook Live. But I do not see that exact functionality in the Rift at all. The only thing with the Rift and Facebook Live is the Spaces app which is more like doing Facetime and some photos and stuff but not like what I can do in my Go. (Which makes no sense to me at all Facebook / Oculus)
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