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Wierd stability issues (such as random sensor disconnects, a flashing monitor, tracking issues, ...)

Seb-KSeb-K Posts: 1
I run into all kinds of issues, when I connect the Rift:
  • Sometimes, sensors won't be detected, or I get a warning about bad tracking quality
  • When in-game, my controllers sometimes drift off for no reason
  • My monitor frequently turns black for a short time
  • Sometimes, Windows displays a warning, telling me that my monitor (connected via DisplayPort) isn't fully compatible and might cause issues.
  • Sometimes, apps crash at the exact same time when a sensor disconnects
My usb setup is pretty much perfect. I use extension cables that are known to work well, and I never connect more than 2 of my 3 Sensors to the same controller.

Could this have to do with my PSU?

i5 3570k
Asrock z77 pro4
580 watt PSU

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