CV1 HMD keeps disconnecting in device manager — Oculus
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CV1 HMD keeps disconnecting in device manager

SgtKungiSgtKungi Posts: 3
Hello, im going crazy with my rift because i can't actually use it every time i  try to play.

Problem is that my HMD won't get a stable connection. Every time i plug in my HDMI und USB 3.0 my windows goes crazy with the plug-in and plug-out sound.
In the device-manager i see the HMD reonnecting (with a yellow sign beneath it's name) and then it disappears again. Only to re-appear after 2 seconds. It's an infinite loop.

I disabled the USB-Powersaving in my power-saving options and unchecked the boxes in the USB Hub setting in the deive-manager. I don't know what i can do at this point and i'm very angry that my 600€ Rift doesn't even work - bad investment -.-


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