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Any Oculus Go video player apps that have PLAYLIST, LOOP, or REPEAT features?

tivonricetivonrice Posts: 1
Hey there... I'm trying to present a series of three VR films on repeat, but cannot find any Oculus Go apps that do this. I'm looking for either a playlist, loop one, or loop all feature.  Thanks!


  • Sam-VR-HouseSam-VR-House Posts: 5
    edited January 7
    Hey tivonrice,

    We use EZ360 video player at events where we show 360° degree videos. It automatically starts playing a preloaded video when the user puts on the headset. When that person is done watching he just takes off the headset. The video will automatically reset so it is ready for the next user. There are no buttons, so super user-friendly at busy events! 

    You can stitch the videos together into one big video. Or, if you sideload the 3 separate videos they will appear in a selection screen where the user can start the video they want by looking at it. 

    Hope this helps :)

    Edit: I forgot the link:

  • funnewyorkerfunnewyorker Posts: 3
    pigasus, deovr both have ab loop and i belive loop one loop all features
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