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Very surprised by Karnage Chronicles!

JeremyC85JeremyC85 Posts: 155
I bought a handful of games that have been 'on my radar' with this new sale, and the first I dived into has been Karnage Chronicles. All I just have to say is, wow! For an early access game on sale for 18$ I cannot believe the level of polish this game has. Its not perfect (hit boxes on archery could be improved) but HOT DAMN is this fun! Think Mage's Tale but with melee. 

Just wanted to sing the praises of this game, it DEF needs to be supported more (only 69 reviews on the Oculus Store!) Anyone else playing this?? And if so, can anyone tell me how to access the glowing green portal in the first 'world' that is behind a locked gate?? Maybe I have to come back eventually as it seems to be a side quest as its not required to advance to the second world, etc.. 


  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 1,236
    It's still in early access? I'll probably buy it when/if I finish Skyrim VR

  • JeremyC85JeremyC85 Posts: 155
    edited September 2018
    Yeah its early access. Apparently they are adding a huge upgrade in gameplay 'soon' (whatever that means). I'm about 4 hours into it, taking my time, and I'm a bit into the second world (there appears to be 3 worlds right now)
  • JeremyC85JeremyC85 Posts: 155
    well i just beat it. Took a little over 5 hours. CANT wait for the next content update! 
  • DanielMistDanielMist Posts: 16
    Thank you for the shout-out JeremyC85!

    Content update 2 is on it's way, and will expand the world of Karnage a lot, with more NPCs, loot, enemies and massively extended play time. We're also currently putting the final touches to Co-Op multiplayer, and will hopefully bring that to Oculus soon (We're currently on a test branch on steam). We're a small 3 man team, so these things take a little time, but we're working around the clock to get updates out as soon as possible! 

    For the green portal, have a look around the area, you will see that the Imp likes to eat something. Try that ;-) 

    Dan, from the Nordic Trolls team
    Nordic Trolls Art Director
  • JeremyC85JeremyC85 Posts: 155
    Awesome! Going to check that out. Keep up the great work 
  • joneltjonelt Posts: 1
    Please apply latest patch to Oculus Store version also. Greate game but unfortunately we are experiencing connection issues :(
  • b-twiceb-twice Posts: 39
    Brain Burst
    I am currently at version but the version on Steam is whats the deal?
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