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Broken HDMI cable... any tips?

Blue_SpacemanBlue_Spaceman Posts: 1
Hey all,

Unfortunately the (fairly common) issue of a broken HDMI connector has happened to me the other day. It's just one pin that's given up the ghost, but a black screen it is. My rift is only 8 months old so I've opened a support ticket, while they agree my cable is broken they are refusing to replace it under warranty and instead kindly offer me the opportunity to buy one at 59 EUR.

Rather than spend 59 EUR on a cable that's known to have issues I would prefer to build my own and fix it myself. Any pointers on how to replace the HDMI connector myself would be much appreciated. I don't care if it's a bit hack-ish, the cable is junked already anyhow. Anybody that's done or tried this and wants to share their results? Thanks!
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