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SOLVED! Oculus Rift is lagging (didnt lag the first 2 months)

Jackwilly92Jackwilly92 Posts: 9
edited September 2018 in Support
Hey guys, 
Ive had the Oculus about 2 months back and it has worked great. Altho I downloaded WoW yesterday and also GeForce Experience to update my drivers, I have a GTX 1060 and updated my driver to  version 399.07. 
Since then my Oculus Rift is lagging a bit and it is utterly annoying. Is there some kind of way to solve this or do I have try to get back my old driver? (also I dont remember which one i had before)
Thanks in advance. 

I figured it out by myself.
Stupid me didnt google enough before I posted this :) Anyways if anybody else has this problem just try this:

BYE :)


  • DaedricAngelDaedricAngel Posts: 5
    I noticed your post after I posted my issues and decided to try. Rolling back my driver fixed it, thanks.
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