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Lone Echo reset graphicsettings

D.AlkazamD.Alkazam Posts: 2
edited September 2018 in Lone Echo / Echo Arena
Hallo my friends,

I´ve been playing this game since a couple of months, I really love this feeling...., you know.... when you are in space :)

But now.... I got an issue.... I just tried to adjust some graphical settings ingame, but then I just clicked something like "Monitors...blah blah...." and then the disaster begins....

My oculus and my monitor starts flickering.... i can not do anything, actually killing the processes in the taskmanager, was the only thing, that could me help right now.... Okay, I guess, this wasn`t the right settings for my setup, whatever. I started the game again, and see nothing, except flickering.

"No problem", I thought, "just re-install the game, this will fix it" but..... nope I just installed the game 3x but the graphic settings are still set and now I`m trying to search the conf.ini file or something like that, where I just delete the settings, or change, whatever is needed, to rerun the game. (my last hope, and actually not my favorit one is, to install a fresh windows....

So I come here, hopefully, you guys could help me in my disaster :dizzy:

PS: Sry for my bad english :smile:


PSS: I did it :-) just deleted all possible temp files I`ve found (I don`t really know, which one was now the reason) and reinstalled the game... now it works :)


  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,774 Volunteer Moderator
    edited September 2018
    I cant find anything in the registry or the usual places, how about if you uninstall and then delete the game folder from

    [your Oculus folder]\Software\Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo

    also might be a good idea to remove the manifasts too:

    [your Oculus folder]Oculus\Software\Manifests
    should be something like: ready-at-dawn-lone-echo.json

    This will erase your saves.
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  • D.AlkazamD.Alkazam Posts: 2
    Hi there,
    thank you for the response,
     that`s the same thing I´ve tried now, delete everything, uninstall, fresh install - and then: the game flickers on my monitor, but not on my oculus,

    I´m now able to play the game again, thank you :)
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