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360° Videos are stuttering and wobbeling (internal library)

technofakturtechnofaktur Posts: 2
Videos from the internal memory are played back at normal speed but then after a second they are speeding up! Audio starts to wobble. Up and down. So far all videos ran perfectly smooth and without any problem. Since today all clips have this problem! Or better said, Oculus Go causes the problem. Does anyone have that too? Or does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • relaxculusrelaxculus Posts: 97
    Hiro Protagonist
    "all videos ran perfectly smooth"

    No, GO still has microstutters in every few seconds.
    Good eyes are required..
  • melissatengmelissateng Posts: 3
    I'm having the same issue. The audio speeds up or doesn't work at all. Occasionally it goes back to normal when I shut down and start again. I'm wondering if the issue's with the file and how I'm saving it, the gallery app, hardware, or maybe something else. Anyone find a workaround?
  • technofakturtechnofaktur Posts: 2
    Restart didn't help, but a factory reset did. Now the clips run normally again. I guess it has something to do with the bitrate CBR or VBR. Meanwhile I create all animations with a constant bitrate of 40Mbit and didn't have the problem anymore.
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