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Intermittent freeze/crash?

94Swick94Swick Posts: 2
Set my oculus down about a month ago just needing a break, and picked it back up this week and downloaded beat saber and rec room. Issues with beat saber is randoming crashing and closing(may be the game.) The problem with rec room is occasionally my rift screen will go black, my monitor shows the game has frozen. After about 10 seconds the game will resume but my Mic no longer works. I have to comepletely restart the oculus system in order for the Mic to continue working. I dont think its my gpu, it runs at a nice 62c, 90fps,  and about 50% load in beatsaber with graphics maxed and about the same for rec room. Ive tried turning down the graphics in both games and the same problem persists. Like i said beatsaber might be the game but in rec room it leads me to believe its something to do with the system becuase the Mic stops after freezing.

Gpu is a msi gtx 970 4g twin frozr


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