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Free IMAX-style cinema for Virtual Desktop, with non-steam download link for Oculus users

Protocol7Protocol7 Posts: 333
Saw this on reddit, for Virtual Desktop users, there is a user-created cinema environment based on an IMAX -

I downloaded it from the steam workshop link

Someone in the reddit was disappointed they don't have access to the steam workshop because they bought Virtual Desktop on Oculus Home, so the Virtual Desktop dev managed to make it available through a non-steam download link.

Guy Godin wrote: The item workshop cant be accessed if you bought the app on the Oculus Store no, it’s a Steam only thing. The artist could share the environment file however and download + double-clicking it would import it wherever you have the app installed. I’ll check with him if he wants to do this.

EDIT: He made it available through dropbox:

It's quite good for watching movies especially with Virtual Desktop's 3D positional audio
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