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Apps and Games not Installing

pfshortpfshort Posts: 1
I am having trouble installing any game/app via the Oculus Store for my Rift. In the notifications I have a message that reads "(App) couldn't download. Please check your connection and try again, or visit Oculus Support."

I have looked through many discussion forums and tried everything I can find on there:
I am still getting the issue.

I have noticed that when I try to download, I an see a new folder be created in D:/Oculus Apps/Downloads for the new app. After less than a second the download stops and within that folder is a sub-directory with:
  • .sig file (1KB)
  • .zip file (0KB)

Any help would be much appreciated.

The only other possibilities I can think of are:
  • I'm based in Australia
  • My computer used to be a work machine and had a different Oculus account signed in. Now I have my own personal account signed in. I wonder if there is a conflict.


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