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Help! New Gear VR game beta testers needed

TruthveyorTruthveyor Posts: 29 Oculus Start Member
Hi, can you test my new game?  For free, of course.

It is in beta, and I need testers to give me feedback.


Game Description:  Hoppy Animals is a third person platformer game (a bit like Super Mario) set in a remarkably stunning and explorable 3D candy world (a bit like the candy world in the movie Wreck-It Ralph). Characters can run, jump, attack and talk (voiced over).

You can control with touchpad, gamepad, or Gear VR/Oculus Go Controller. It should work for both Gear VR and Oculus Go.

If you are interested, please send me a message.




  • Robbin12392Robbin12392 Posts: 2
    edited November 4
    Hey! Tested your game, the controlls are a little bit weird, it would be better if you set the moving with the touchpad in the 4 directions instead of holding the gear/go controller as a joystick. Perhaps that, the game is fun to play!
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