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Universal Menu won't return to the right place when you go back

FunKingFunKing Posts: 39
Brain Burst


When I navigate through a list in the Oculus Universal Menu (on the Oculus Go or Gear VR), I expect to return to the last position I was when I press the "Back" controller button, but I return instead to the first item of the list.

For example, when I go to Navigate > Library > My Apps, I have a list with 7 pages worth of apps, each page with 9 apps. No matter on which page I am, if I click an app menu item (e.g., "View Details" or "Permissions") and then press "Back", I'm sent back to the 1st page of the list of apps. This makes browsing a list incredibly slow and tedious!

Another example: when searching for events (People > Events > All Events), I can see 3 events per screen, and I can scroll to see many more. Unfortunately, when I click an event for more details and then press "Back", I'm again sent to the beginning of the list.

This current behavior is counter-intuitive, tiresome, and of course, provides a terrible user experience.

My suggestion is a no-brainer: allow us to go back to where we were in the UI when we press the "Back" button.

I even opened a ticket with Oculus support about this issue - only to see it closed right away and not answered...

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