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Need Help With Robinson: The Journey Oculus Control Scheme

FarSight13FarSight13 Posts: 35
Brain Burst
It appears to me that once you get by the initial portion of the game, it's like pulling teeth to find a control reference. Is there  such a link online for the Touch Controllers and this game? I've forgotten how to control my baby T-Rex, the commands, stay, roar, etc. I though at one point I saw a wheel of commands, but I swear I've tried many many key combos and can't come up with those..
Thanks for help in Advance! :)


  • schzyschzy Posts: 1
    i am having the same problem with the. oculus touch controllers. t- rex  does not respond .
  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 1,437
    Project 2501
    I can't remember the combos anymore, but I do remember having trouble getting the baby T-Rex to roar and more - every time it was me not pressing the right buttons. I don't remember if you have to press A and the left trigger, or press the left menu button to see the controller layout. 

    Any way I got everything to work - I've completed the game using only Touch. 
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