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Oculus disconnects from Laptop ROG-G752

VR_FactoryGamesVR_FactoryGames Posts: 2 Oculus Start Member

I have a problem with Oculus on those machines:

after running some demanding application it looks like Oculus is unplugged from USB or/and HDMI ports. After a few seconds it comes back to normal, but in the application, it looks like it resets tracing and character is on the floor. Have anyone noticed something similar or anyone have any kind of suggestion what to do in this kind of situation?


  • PabbertPabbert Posts: 224
    Nexus 6
    Is a 980m enough for VR?
  • Jani1988Jani1988 Posts: 1
    Same her with the link cable for oculus quest. But it turns out it don't work with the usb c link cable, but works with an anker usb 3 cable...
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