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Echo Arena -> HEAVY Lobby LAG - But not while in a match

Vanquish-Vanquish- Posts: 4
edited September 2018 in Lone Echo / Echo Arena
So as we all know, this lovely game is 50% social interaction and 50% matchmaking game-play. I for one sometimes just connect to hang around in the lobby with my friends.

Sadly however, with one of the most recent large Echo Combat patches, my lobby experience is now filled with heavy lag, player rubber-banding, loss of FPS and absolutely no VOIP audio from any of the players. It's as if they are not even there with me, and it's completely ruined my lobby experience.

When reviewing my network card, I notice it red-lines with adapter activity in the lobby (almost like it's being overworked), and then when joining a game, it returns to normal operation without any lag whatsoever.

Would port forwarding help me solve this lobby lag issue? Surely the dev's tell me it's not on their end, however nothing has changed on my unit since before it started lagging. I feel it's related to a game change, and now I must solve for the issue.

Has anyone had success with port forwarding to reduce or eliminate a connection issue?
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