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!!! Tweaks for boost performance GTX 970 oculus Rift !!!

brais96brais96 Posts: 7
edited October 2018 in Games and Apps
Hello, I will share with you the improvements to gain in performance , this is not the placebo effect, I use the SteamVR performance test software for the exams, with a Gtx 970 with a score of 6.7 to 7.8 with the following configuration in NVIDIA changes in the control panel :
Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames for virtual reality, - Use 3D application configurations -.Texture Filtering Quality, -High Quality-.Thread optimization, -Enabled-.Vertical sync, -Disable-.Lock the frame rate target at 90 FPS Can be locked with the EVGA precision program, activate the K-Boost and the power limit set to 110%.Install windows 10 LTSB This is the fastest windows version! , will win some fps and better performance in general).


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