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My character Echo One is unable to move

I am at the backend of the fury and unable to move from that spot. I can turn around, but can’t use thrusters or pull or push myself off the area I am standing at.


  • sford52sford52 Posts: 174
    edited September 2018
    That happened to me, though in a different location. 

    Please see link: 

    I think there are 2 ways out. (BUT I don't claim to be an expert.)
    Both involve modifying where the game files are stored using file manager (not inside the Oculus program)
    In my case, that is: G:\Oculus Apps\Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo\_local\saves,
    but your "root" is probably different from mine, for example, the "default" is:
    C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo\_local\saves
    (My root is G:\Oculus Apps\ the default is C:\Program Files\Oculus\)

    ultimately you'll need to get to
    ...  Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo\_local\saves
    In that directory you'll find at least one saved game, named slot0.
    You may find others. If so, go into the one that has the most current timestamp, lets say slot0
    G:\Oculus Apps\Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo\_local\saves\slot0
    In there, you'll find lots of "saved" progress points, the most current should be autosave.radsave

    Method 1 - this allows you to keep much of you're current progress and only get rid of the last few minutes.
    Try moving autosave.radsave to a temporary location, your desktop for example, and delete it from the game location.
    This sOnce you're sure all is well, you can delete the autosave.radsave file from your temporary saved location and get the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.hould set you back before you froze up, and keep you in the current section of the game.

    Method 2 - as rad_mars says in the linked post, you can copy in the master key save file to bypass the current stuck point,
    but you'll also miss playing whatever section of game is between your current point in the game and that next progress point.

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