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Best resolution for 360 and 360 3D panoramas for Oculus Gallery

I have been doing 360 panoramas for virtual tours for a couple of years now.
Now I own a Go and loaded some of those panoramas to the internal storage in the resolution I had them - normally 5k by 10k
Initialising the internal memory took loooong and that got me thinking.
The resolution of 5k by 10k is probably way too high and will be down-sampled

BUT what I could not find anywhere is - what would be the ideal resolution and format for the Oculus Gallery???

All I could find is   which mentions 5120x2560 but I am not sure that applies to panoramas shown via the Gallery as well??

Second question is about 360 3D images - again - what would be the ideal resolution?
I loaded some into the internal memory and none of them were recognised as 360 3D images - they are in 1x1 aspect ratio over/under format. Once the image is loaded (but not really displayed) I can change (have to change each and every one of them) manually that it is a 360 3D image - surely something that should happen automatically - do I need to observe some naming convention for that to happen??

Has anybody a bit more information about image formats and resolutions for the Oculus Go??



  • moonkrjmoonkrj Posts: 1
    I was using Cardboard Demos app and some of my impressions and experience:

    13k x 6,5k - as for me, it's quite a good choice for professional pics, and reliably extraordinary. I feel this shouldn't have any effect contrasted with 10000, however having this could maybe conceal camera or resize obscurity.
    10k x 5k- scenes look awesome, urban conditions with a considerable measure of detail can be alright, contingent upon the center subject. It may be the point of the screen limit, anyway perhaps post-handling done at this goals can botch it up.
    6k x 3k or less - practically all the pictures look to some degree smirched/foggy through the focal points.
    8k x 4k - things start falling into place from it.

  • uriel.deveauduriel.deveaud Posts: 4
    hi, i would like also to know the best resolution for images 360 for the oculus Go ... ?

    i use myself 8k and it is great, (i didn't know that it could be loaded more than this without lagging) but 12k, i will definitively give a try, thx
  • bernd.kronmuellerbernd.kronmueller Posts: 5
    That is why I am asking for the ideal resolution - no point in loading big images (loading time and memory) if they get down-sampled anyway - the re-sampling usually introduces just another source which can/will lower the image quality. 
  • uriel.deveauduriel.deveaud Posts: 4
    so finally, someone knows the best ideal resolution for 360 picture ? the biggest size without re-sampling issue ...
  • mediavrmediavr Posts: 234
    I use 8000 *8000 with OU stereo panos using 360Photos app with Go and it works fine. Better than anything else i think
  • NicolasWicartNicolasWicart Posts: 1


    I am new on Occulus Go and have the same two questions:
    Best resolution for 360 3D Panorama?
    Is there a way to automatically show the 360 3D Panorama as such on the occulus Gallery?

    Any official answer?

  • h.r.gargih.r.gargi Posts: 107
    I'm rendering 360 pictures @ 7744x3872. That's the resolution my Nikon keymission took for their shots. 
  • bong90bong90 Posts: 1
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  • khanmaps08khanmaps08 Posts: 1
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