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Dash Virtual Monitor

GeekyGamiGeekyGami Posts: 112
Alright, I'm a bit confused here.

With Dash on, I have a second display I don't see, and my background stretches to both

If I look in DxDiag, I have two displays.
One being my normal one, the other being a copy of the first, at twice the resolution!

Does Oculus actively render two displays as being different, even though they're the same display?
What's the reasoning behind this?

Is it for the windows that you pull out in Dash, for them to go to the second screen?

Because the moment I minimize them, my pulled out window goes black, and it is still on my main screen, indicating that it isn't on the "second monitor"

The more I try to wrap my head around it, the more confused I get by Dash's implementation
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