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No HDMI connection from out of nowhere (orange light)

LudZipLudZip Posts: 8
edited October 2018 in Support
Hi, before i start i just want to note that i have had this rift for a while now, and it has worked perfectly up to this point. While playing a game the screen started to flash black for like half a second a time. This seemed weird to me, so i restarted my rift. It was the same thing, small flashes. Now, about an hour later; my rift doesn't work. I put on my headset when the light was white, and just as i put it on, the light turned orange and it didn't go back to white. Even when the light is orange, on the oculus program it says that the rift is fully connected. I've tried plugging out and back in, switching hdmi ports with my monitor, restarting oculus, restarting my PC and checking device manager with no success. I updated my graphics driver and that didn't help either. I've even tried doing the full setup again. I've also fixed loops and such on the cord, there are still some places on the cord that is not fully fixed but that shouldn't be the reason why. When i was doing the setup there was a bit of static before going to the setup in the rift and going back to darkness, that might mean something.

Oh, and the GPU i have is a gtx 1060 3gb if that helps.

EDIT: i attached logs just in case that could be useful.


  • LudZipLudZip Posts: 8
    Also, i have unplugged my oculus while it was on. Saw in a forum post somewhere that you shouldn't do that but i had no idea that that was a bad thing to do.
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