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Sound of Oculus Rift suddenly stops

Augusto.TeixeiraAugusto.Teixeira Posts: 1
After playing with Oculus for a while (10 to 30 minutes), the sounds completely stops. Then, there will be no sound coming out until I restart the software.
This is very annoying and I am wondering if it could be something related to the video driver (already up to date), Oculus related (I disabled the Beta), or even caused by an exception in the game.

I don't know how to tackle the problem. Could someone point me where I can find some relevant log files from Oculus?



  • MooffinMooffin Posts: 13
    Try running the Oculus setup and click the "repair" option this might fix it if not try plugging in the Rift into a different USB 3.0 port.
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