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Problem in HDMI connection to Geforce GTX 1050 in gl553 asus gaming laptop

yaserkzyaserkz Posts: 2
Hi guys
I have a problem in connecting Oculus Rift to my lap top as I said my lap top is gl553 and its graphical card is 1050 geforce gtx, but when I connect my VR device the hdmi doesnt work. I ran the oculus compat check software and it showed that my lap top is not supporting the required graphical card. I updated my NVidia too but the problem still exist. I want to know is there any chance to run the Oculus in my lap top or i need another system.


  • falken76falken76 Posts: 2,657 Valuable Player
    Try this:

    But chances are your laptop won't work because it is using integrated graphics.  If you can return it, do it and get a desktop if you don't absolutely need the mobility of a laptop.  If you do, go to the section where the expensive laptops are, the cheap ones are going to cut corners like this.

  • LuluViBritanniaLuluViBritannia Posts: 421
    Hey there,
    First of all, the GTX 1050 is not officially supported by Oculus. But I can testify it does work with it ^^.
    Now, to the real matter. There is a rule of thumb (though I am not sure if it is 100% true) : if your HDMI port is on the front side of the laptop, it means the port is not connected to the NVidia card. In this case, you can't use this port for VR.

    BUT sometimes, there is a workaround: use another port. Have you got a DisplayPort or a USB-C port? If that's so, find the proper adapter to plug the Rift in one of those. Hopefully it will work!
    Otherwise, you don't have a choice: you'll have to change the computer. As it was suggested, better take a desktop if you don't need portability, but that doesn't mean laptops are a no-go. Just make sure you take certified Oculus Ready laptops.
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