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Some Rift 2.0 Problems

OdinGFXOdinGFX Posts: 1
As we all know, we have been forced to use the Rift 2.0 Core, but there are a few problems in particular for people with decent PC's or people who want a better experience. I will be ranking these from OK to Bad problems. (I will edit this post If I find more problems.

1. Whenever you pull up the Dashboard, Oculus Home would open up, this could lead to some performance issues, there should be an option to automatically launch Home when you open the Oculus App.

2. Admin Trick Doesn't Work: If you haven't heard about it, with the Original Rift Core, if you set the Oculus app to "Run as Administrator", it would work on Steam games without opening up the app, which would help performance a lot, but now since we all use the Rift 2.0 Core, this trick will not work and will instead lead to a black screen in the Rift. Because of this I choose not to play VR until it is fixed.


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 267
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    Up to you but I think it would be more useful to just include your comments in the 1.31 discussion thread that is already open;

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    Also have a 64gb Oculus Go which I love for travel and quick VR Fixes.  Looking forward to the Quest!
  • falken76falken76 Posts: 2,560 Valuable Player
    Looks like it's time to buy more ram.  I could use it for work anyway.
  • LuluViBritanniaLuluViBritannia Posts: 298
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    edited October 11
    Hey there.

    1. Wrong. Only the Dash component opens when you activate Dash. The other components are the server and the client ; Home doesn't run while running another app. It will load when switching from one game to another though, but if you run your games from the desktop app, you can avoid it.

    2. That's true, although now we have an alternative ^^. You should use OpenComposite:

    This allows a Rift user to play SteamVR games without running SteamVR at all. Basically you juste replace a dll file and then you can run any SteamVR game as a native Oculus game.
    (Although it currently doesn't run with all the games ; but SkyrimVR and VRChat work like a charm, and the dev also tried Payday 2 VR, VTOL VR, ... anyway, it's worth the try, if it does work with your games it's a great deal!).
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