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Installation Getting Stuck Fix

oGhostioGhosti Posts: 14

This is my comment from another thread, I decided to make an actual post to hopefully help more people.

So the issue I'm talking about is when attempting to install (or reinstall) Oculus Software.
When attempting to, and it gets stuck at lets say 5.6 out of 5.7 (What happened to me.) this guide will help you. (I hope, it did for me through trial and error!)

Okay, I did figure out the problem.
It has nothing to do with anti-virus. (Disable it just in case though, up to you.)

  1. So begin the download with "OculusSetup.exe",install it in the C:\ drive.
  2. Once it gets to the point where it stops and never goes up, and what will definitely be forever.. Close the Installer. (Trust me, the files [or most of them] are already on your PC now.
  3. Now go to where it's installed to make sure.
    (Can skip this step.)
  4. Run "OculusSetup.exe" again.
  5. Wait. (Will probably take awhile, but it's locating all the files and WILL finish the "Download")
  6. Once it's begun finding all the files it'll look like it's downloading, it's not.
    (Unless you were at like 5.0GB out of 5.7GB)
    [You may have to repeat steps 1-4, but I only had to do this step-by-step one time]
  7. Once it's finished, it will say "Installing" on the bottom left. This will take some time, so go do something in the mean time. :) (Took me about 5-10minutes.)
  8. A.) If you get an error saying there was an issue while trying to install Oculus, Close the installer. This is OKAY!!!
    B.) Restart your PC.
    C.) Run "OculusSetup.exe".
  9. Wait!! Repeat steps 5-7.
  10. Should be good to go hopefully! :)

I swear I should get a job involving troubleshooting of some sort. Lmao

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