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2 sensor placment

so im new to all of this ... i would like to put one sensor INFRONT OF ME AND ONE BEHIND, just think of a CLOCK, im in the middle, one sensor is at 1 o clock and the other is at 8 o clock, there will be roughly a distance of 2.5 meters between them //// is this better than just placing 2 in front of me on my desk with a distance of only 1.5 meters between them ? thanks


  • TaintFistTaintFist Posts: 179
    I can't speak to what others do, but what has been working very well for me is hanging my sensors high on the walls above me (approximately 4 to 5' above my head).  Using clock directional, one is at approximately 8, the other at approximately 2, so close to what you describe.  I've never had a problem with them tracking me, never had any inclination that I needed a 3rd.  With them above me looking down, they both have a great view of both controllers and the HMD (they are approximately 45 degrees above me), and with one just behind and one just to the front, I can't attest to it being the best, but I can say I've never had any issues with the setup.

    Hope my comments help, in the end you could try the setup, if it doesn't work you can rerun the setup really easily and trial and error yourself into a setup that works in your space.

  • mrshrir1985mrshrir1985 Posts: 2
    YEAH well. i do have about  5 by 7 feet area to work with , so i need to go get myself a 25 Foot usb extension cable for one sensor and also another 25 footer for the headset , so basically having them at about 5 feet off the ground, on the wall of shelf is better than having them just directly in front of you on a table ... ? 
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 460
    This will work, but there will be oclusion issues if you're facing one direction and have overlap between touch controllers. 
  • TaintFistTaintFist Posts: 179
    Yeah I was very careful to position them just right (had to move them a couple of times until I got it perfect).
    Also, I don't suggest wasting money certainly, but make sure the extensions you use are of reasonable quality, especially the one you get for the head piece (may want a booster for the head cable as well).  Try it out with the extenders and see if it works first, then if you find it doesn't a booster would be my first thought.
    I don't need extensions for my head piece in my setup, but I do have extensions for the 2 sensors, and so far I haven't had much of a problem (had a sensor warning once a couple of months ago, unplugging that sensor then plugging it back in immediately fixed it, good 'ol IT crowd fix).

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