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Help to find games for office

LShoenerLShoener Posts: 1

I was hoping to get some insight on what games would be good for a specific request. I currently work in a Physical Therapy office and we are looking to purchase the Oculus Go to help patients with their balance, walking, vertigo, etc. After looking through the many games available, I am having a hard time figuring out which ones might be good for our office. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • NobodyExistsNobodyExists Posts: 3
    I wouldn't recommend getting an Oculus Go if you'd like to have them balancing/walking. The Oculus Go doesn't have 6DOF (Six Degree's of Freedom), it only has 3DOF. Which means the headset won't track if your patient is moving forward or backward, or moving at all. It will only detect the rotation of the head. Any physical movement done in a 3DOF system has to be done via controller and won't feel natural. I would recommend you get a quest or a rift. Also, the content available on the oculus go is 80% experiences and 20% games. While quest and rift apps are more focused on games due to their 6DOF. 
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