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Having issues with the rift microphone

HarczosHunHarczosHun Posts: 1
Hi guys, please help me!
I have a problem with the quality of the rift's microphone. It sounds muffled, like im speaking with a box on my head. The volume is ok, but quality equals like a 1dollar microphone.
BUT!! If i'm not wearing the headset, just speaking directly to the microphone (left underside of the headset) the quality is awesome, like a real studio quality.
What could be the problem? It's driving me crazy.
Thanks forward!!


  • AVOlightAVOlight Posts: 79 Oculus Start Member
    hi @HarczosHun, can you check if the sound quality changes when you trick the headset into thinking you're wearing it (there's a sensor between the eyes at the top next to a small light that turns off if you put something next to it)
    so speak directly into the microphone like you said when it has awesome quality and see if it changes when you put something next to the sensor
  • MikeyRudMikeyRud Posts: 11
    same issue here now. muffled mic people tell me
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