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How did the Dead and Buried team use an iPad to look into the virtual world?

lahj3lahj3 Posts: 4
I was at OC5 and played in the awesome 3v3 Dead and Buried demo. The gameplay was great, but I am confused about how the multiplayer experience worked.
  1. How did an iPad look into the game and how was it tracked? 
  2. Was each game started with one of the 6 headsets that the players wore or was there some master device controlling the experience (such as the iPad)

Best Answer


  • MorgrumMorgrum Posts: 1,712 Valuable Player
    They did it the same way Brad Pitt did it in Cool World!
  • lahj3lahj3 Posts: 4
    @LZoltowski could you elaborate more on how they used AR kit? I'd be happy to look at the interview if you remember where it is 
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