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Orange Light, Black Screen... Strange.

SantoTotiSantoToti Posts: 1
edited October 2018 in Support
Hello, i bought my oculus 5 days ago.  I used normally the first 3 days, without problems... but then the problems start, i got orange light and black screen, but i got white light and black screen too.
Today for example.  I used the oculus 1 hour without problems, and then... black screen. I tried restart Runtime, restart the oculus app, restart de cpu, discconnect and connect the oculus, and now i am stuck in orange light and black screen.
I used de DDU twice, because i used amd a long time ago, to remove Nvidea and AMD Drivers in Safe Mode and install the latest Nvidea driver...

I "repair" the oculus app with the launcher, and nothing, the same problem.

Someone can help me?  I tried many things from diferent posts here. I tried to use Oculus tray tool too...

All this black screen, have audio. Now, i am with black screen, orange light and sound.

EDIT: Today, i wake up, i connect the Oculus when the pc was starting and white light and working... Work 5 minutes, and then, Orange light and black screen. I am crazy

Win 10 64bits
Intel i5 6600k
Nvidea 1070ti  Driver 416.34


  • RewbearyRewbeary Posts: 2
    Did you ever get this resolved?  I am having the exact same issue and have tried everything!  I opened a ticket with Oculus and it has been over 24 hours with no response yet. 
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