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Are there any HDMI and USB hubs that work with Oculus Rift?

hawkeyeehawkeyee Posts: 2
I would like to keep my 32" tv connected to my alienware laptop as a second monitor but I cannot find any HDMI and USB hubs that work with Oculus Rift to split them from the Laptop. Tired of purchasing failed products. HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! or will I have to keep plugging and unplugging Oculus directly to the Laptop in order for it to connect?


  • Lunchbox7985Lunchbox7985 Posts: 5
    there arent "HDMI hubs", an hdmi port is a single output, when you plug something into it there is a digital handshake of sorts, so its not just as simple as a splitter either. such things exist but the rift seems picky when it comes to such things and i doubt they will work. they do make hdmi switches and that might yield better results.

    usb hubs shouldnt be as much as a problem. when a computer has multiple usb ports they are usually all hooked to the same controller internally, so in essence they are already a hub. but the more devices you have plugged in, the more usb bandwidth you use which can be a problem for rift.

    with a desktop you could do a pci usb card which adds another usb controller, and thus more bandwidth, and you would have more than one output for your monitor as well, but with a laptop it might be a little limited. you could do something that is essentially a usb external video card for the tv if you dont game on it too hard.
  • VallieVallie Posts: 124
    I have my Rift connected through a DVI-HDMI cable.
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