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System keeps randomly lagging then it thinks play area is 2 meters away from me

ZubiFettZubiFett Posts: 18
Hi all,

I have been this issue since I changed the setup of my 2 sensors (I just ordered a 3th one hoping to fix this). 

I have one sensor on the front - left at a high position and the second right - down at ground level, I do this to achieve 360 tracking:

It works very well until it randomly starts lagging, it always seems to struggle to understand where the play area is. Often you can see the guardian system moving from one place to another, other times one of my hands moves 2 meters away from me.

After three or four of these "events" the guardian system gets fixated 2 meters away from me along with the play area. To undo this I always have to re-do my sensor setup. A couple of months ago it permanently got fixated like that and I had to contact support to get it fix (we had to remove the drivers and every single Oculus file from the system).

What I find to be a bit weird is that this issue seems to be software related. Because when the system thinks that my play area is two meters away from me it still tracks me perfectly... but of course, it is unplayable because I'm always in a weird place within any games menu + the guardian system won't work.

Did anyone experience anything similar? Did you manage to fix it?

The extensions I use for the cables are all VR compatible, I personally do not think they are at fault.

Kind regards,



  • LuluViBritanniaLuluViBritannia Posts: 465
    Hey there,
    The first thing I would try is cover the mirror. The tracking system uses IR light, so a mirror surface can screw it up.
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  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 1,113
    edited October 2018
    I had a reflection problem with a window in my previous home and had to move one sensor to not let it view the glass. This big mirror could be effectively the problem here. I suggest to run the free Oculus apps "Sensor Bounds" (check the store) as you possibly "see" the problem here when it happen.

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  • ZubiFettZubiFett Posts: 18

    I just done that and while is too early to claim victory, absolutely no lags for about 2 hours. I'm feeling confident this is the issue.

    I'll come back to edit this post with an update. Thank you for the help! I never thought of the glass.


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