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[WebVR/Gear/GO] Freeze with WebXR Polyfill

SquareysSquareys Posts: 9
Hey all, Hi @imperativity !

While WebVR examples work fine, webxr-samples stopped working on GearVR. This is because the webxr-polyfill requires a double `requestPresent` call to emulate the WebXR API through the WebVR API and this does not seem to be supported on the browsers on these devices. (If I understood correctly, the spec does allow it, though.)

Find details in the GitHub issue on webxr-polyfill.
Jordan Santell from the Immersive Web Community Group did a quick test case for this:

Could you check with the team behind the browser on whether this could be fixed? That'd be amazing.

Thanks in advance,
Jonathan Hale


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