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Remove "We couldn't find your controller" message

grun7grun7 Posts: 5

I guess the answer is most likely to be no, but in any case : 

I found a way to disable the Enter VR message when starting the Oculus (cf this thread here

For my use case, the users won't have any controller when using the Oculus Go. Yet, each time the Oculus Go starts, a "We couldn't find your controller" message with a warning gets displayed on screen and then re-appears regularly.

Is there any way to skip / ignore this message? It really is annoying. Maybe with the Oculus Go for business many seem to talk about.

I really wish the Oculus would be more customizable, it's a great device.

Thanks !


  • grun7grun7 Posts: 5

    I've tried to remove the notifications using adb, not luck and rom what I've seen using logcat, the message is displayed with a toast from one of the system apps, so no way to uninstall it :(

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