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How to project different perspective of the Gear VR for human gyroscope?

Zarar1234Zarar1234 Posts: 1
Basically, I am trying to set up a human gyroscope where someone on the outside has to manually move the gyroscope around based on what the person with the VR headset in the gyroscope is seeing. However it is very difficult to know what is happening and how to move the human gyroscope in the right way (when looking at the perspective of what the person with the VR headset is seeing) if the person with the VR headset is moving their head all the time. For example, there is suddenly a drop in a rollercoaster but the helper doesn't see and so can't move the human gyroscope to face downwards because the person with the VR headset is looking upwards.Therefore, I was wondering whether it would be possible to have a different video playing at the same time on another monitor but which only shows the front and doesn't move so the helper can predict what is coming and react accordingly?

I hope this makes sense,
Thank you
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