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Long narrow play space - roomscale options?

AdamL288AdamL288 Posts: 49
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edited October 2018 in Oculus Rift + Touch
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help advise me on whether I should get a third sensor for proper roomscale tracking. This might be a long post as I'm trying to explain my setup which is a little bit odd.

Basically my PC is in the corner of my bedroom, And I have a tall, thin space to set up VR in. At the moment I'd estimate it's around 2m wide and about 4-5m long. Here are some photos:

My sensors are both on the desk, the recommended distance apart and most VR experiences work fine when I stand in the middle of the play space - I can move my arms, turn around etc. Although the space is fairly limited horizontally, it's actually not too bad as on my right is a curtain that I will feel before my hand hits the wall, and on my left I have a ton of space because the bed is there, but my arm will never hit it (so technically I can extend it this direction way beyond the guardian boundary).

The problem is that I'd like to get more active games like Beat Saber and Robo Recall, but I'm worried this won't be enough room with how narrow it is. Also, because of only having 2 sensors I can't turn around, and because the sensors are quite far back on the desk I tend to lose tracking easily when I'm doing anything low down. It's particularly annoying in games that require me to bend down to pick up objects, cause the sensors currently can't see a large portion of the floor.

I know that if I got a third sensor I would probably mount it behind me, high up and pointing at the monitor to get as much coverage as possible (and also cover the black spot on the floor near my desk). Now here's my main question - with a third sensor allowing me to cover this area, would it technically be possible to rotate my play space and have a lot more space to use my arms? For example:

(forgive the rubbish MS Paint drawings)

Basically, instead of facing the monitor, which makes sense with most setups, would I be able to face the bed, giving me a lot more arm space?

Just throwing out ideas here, and trying to work out what other people have done with their setup. I'm still open to the option of getting a 3rd sensor and facing forward as it'll still be an improvement to what I have now, but I was just wondering what people would recommend.

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