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Unity / Oculus Go audio not working?

nielshoognielshoog Posts: 17
We have an audio problem in Unity / Oculus GO. We build an simple APK in Unity and then sideload it with ADB to the Oculus GO. We have the problem that the audio is sometimes there but sometimes there is no audio anywhere. When we reboot the Oculus the audio is back. It is not consistent... Does anyone know what might be the problem?


  • trantakotrantako Posts: 1
    We have the same problem with several apps made with our custom engine and native SDK (we are not using Unity).

    This happens randomly on multiple Go headsets. When it happens, there is absolutely no audio in the app, no matter what APIs are being used: menu sounds, video playback, etc. all gone.

    After returning to Oculus Menu, there is always sound. And then simply restarting our app fixes the issue and sounds work also there.

    This is a really annoying issue and we suspect there is something wrong in Oculus SW. It cannot be a broken headset or related to our engine / Unity / specific Android API, as it happens with all combinations and nothing needs to be changed to fix it, simply restart the app.

    Maybe it is related to app startup phase, as sounds never disappear *during* app use. You either have all sounds from the beginning or have none and never get them back before you restart the app.
  • rmh_pbrmh_pb Posts: 1
    Same problem here on the Oculus Rift (Unity 2017.2), audio "breaks" every once in a while (for all content)- restarting the oculus app fixes the problem ... I really hope this gets fixed.
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