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Gear VR Pin Preventing me from logging into new account.

DanielOS96_SentirealDanielOS96_Sentireal Posts: 10
edited October 2018 in Samsung Gear VR
I have created an app and put a newly created account as one of the previewers. I have logged in and accepted this prewiew app. And now I want to go to the phone and boot up the gearVR app and make sure that the preview app is showing in the correct place. 

However when I try to log into the gear vr app in this newly created account. I encounter an a looping bug where it asks me to create a pin then confirm the pin with my password. Then when I confirm it, it loops me back to create a pin. This keeps looping like that forever. I have tried creating yet another account to see if this bug applies to all accounts and I can confirm that it does. It also applies to 5 different phones that I tested it on in the office. 

I was hoping someone would know a workaround so I could log in or if oculus could see this and release a patch.

Here are some screenshots:

Entering the pin.
Which then askes me to enter my password.
Which then asks me to enter my pin (dont worry its not really 1234)
Which then asks me to enter a password.

This loop repeats until the end of time.

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