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How to use Medium Assets in Unity

eithmaneithman Posts: 21
Brain Burst

Does anyone here have a complete, clean workflow from Medium to Blender to Unity?

I know that sculpts are nowhere near animation-ready straight from Medium, but as far as retopology, baking maps, and transitioning files, I keep finding snags here and there and it's beginning to feel impossible to achieve a finished product 😓

Any help would be appreciated, but I really just need someone to explain to me like I'm a 7-year-old how to get my medium assets ready for game use 🙏


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 990
    What problems are you having exactly? If you could elaborate on what youve tried and the results of said attempts i might be able to help
  • eithmaneithman Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    I am trying to be able to sculpt assets for Unity in Medium.
    I need to take the sculpt into blender to retopologize it so that it's animation-ready and so that the mesh isn't too dense for game use in Unity. I have gotten fairly used to using retopology tools in Blender, but I have to use nodes to be able to render vertex colors, which don't seem to transfer to Unity. I am also having a hard time being able to bake fine details with normal maps and height maps; my goal is to be able to have as low-poly of a mesh as possible while still maintaining the visual detail of the original sculpt.
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 990
    So vertex colors will require a specific shader that makes use of them. Check this tutorial out

    As for your baking, that falls more into the category of production techniques. I'm not familiar with the process in blender though i cant say i've heard of that being used much for baking. You might have more luck with something like substance painter or marmoset toolbag 

    this is a great resource i'd recommend signing up for an account and asking for help there, people are very helpful
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