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Oculus Gallery player - feature wishlist / suggestions...

xmnkxmnk Posts: 6
edited November 2018 in Oculus Go
First, let me say Oculus Gallery is my favorite video player. I tried them all and OG is clearly the smoothest one with a completely stutter free playback which i love. But there are still certain things that keep it from being perfect, in my opinion.
1. a 72hz option for all videos (i find it still plays 60fps vids @ 60hz, which can make the image quite flickery at times)
2. some sort of IPD adjustment option (certain videos cause me eyestrain, which is really annoying)
3. basic image/video manipulation features (for changing contrast, saturation, dimensions, various playback aspects etc)
Add these things dear Oculus, and you'll have me hooked for life. Your native player is a precious little piece of software and it's more than worth enhancing it as much as possible.


  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,774 Volunteer Moderator
    edited November 2018
    Have you tried Skybox VR Player? It's far superior in playback, I have had people complain OG playback was choppy for larger 360 videos, Skybox handled them perfectly. (It also has a companion app for the PC where it lets you stream any video file to headset from your desktop, that works flawlessly and streaming 1080p content on 5Ghz Wifi is artefact free) .. it's also free.
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  • Downunder35mDownunder35m Posts: 15
    I can only second that, Skybox is way better.
    Adjust the screen size with a swipe on the touchpad...
    Tilt the screen up if you want to lay down or even rotate it a bit if want to lay on your side.
    With the correct identifier for the type of video in the filename Skybox usually gets the playback right at first try.
    And if not then there is plenty of formats to click through until you get a good looking screen.
    So far I have not found a file that did not work.
    The only thing I miss is the option to create a curved screen but I might have just missed it somewhere.
    Streaming directly from BD or the PC is not problem either.
    For the later the Skybox app even resamples 4K video and everything below to only use the bandwidth required to provide what the display is capable of.
    DLNA servers are no problem either for Skybox ;)
  • dhldhl Posts: 7
    Skybox doesn't work with 2nd order ambisonic sound so if you need that, it won't work.
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