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Error when reading copied movies on the Oculus

grun7grun7 Posts: 5
When I copy any movie on the Oculus (using either adb or Android File Transfer) , I cannot view it using the default viewer unless I restart the Oculus. The video shows a black thumbnail in the list and an error when I play it. I tried with countless files, countless encodings. It always work when I reboot the Oculus though.

I guess the Oculus does not detect new files or refresh its filesystem somehow.

Does anyone know a way to work around this?

Also, I'm on OSX.



  • grun7grun7 Posts: 5
    So after searching a bit I found out it's because a media scan of the sdcard is not triggered.
    It seems to me that when you open the Oculus Galery, this scan should always happen.
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