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My first Oculus support experience

Downunder35mDownunder35m Posts: 15
This might not be the right place but as it includes problems with the Oculus support....

I recently bought an Oculus GO.
Due to being in a more or less remote area of Australia with limited access to bigger home entertainment stores I tried to find one that at least would offer shipping.
Again no luck at all as I always got the answer that they don't stock the GO.
Some even have to import the Rift as down here it seems no one really invests in this technology.
That meant I had two options left:
a) Import directly from the US, add import taxes and all plus shipping costs in the range of $100AU.
This would have increased the price of my 64GB GO to just over $700AU, or just over $500US!
b) Seek other online options to buy a GO brand new.

Amazon AU did not offer the GO and their US site did not offer shipping, so Ebay was the last available option.
Just days after the GO arrived I noticed a dead pixel right in the center of the view.
Once I noticed it on that white background it always popped right into my eye.
Only on dark backgrounds or yellow/green/blue the dead pixel is not (as much) visible.
All mixed colore are messed for this single pixel and it just appears dark.
A quick Google search revealed that this problem is not only existing since the first shippments of the GO.
It also revealed that the standard procedur seems to be contacting the support and waiting for one or more replacements until the customer gets one without faults.
Ok then I thought...

I bought a brand new and sealed device for $500 and it arrived with the well known problem of dead pixels.
Quality control is not essential enough to provide a working product but taking responsibility for it seems to be even less of a requirement.
Ebay is a selling platform like Amazon but Amazon refuses to provide shipping or products for the AU webiste and market.
And with Ebay I had dead or faulty arrivals in the past.
A dead Nokia phone, a tablet that constantly rebooted, even a kitchen mixer that burnt the motor on first use.
Never I had a problem going through the manufacturer directly with these warranty claims.
Quick video or some pics of the problem and within days I had a replacement unit with a pre paid envelope to send the old one back.
And yes, they all were "private" sales like with the GO but all also brand new and never used.
All companies had no warranty objections after giving the Ebay and Paypal invoices as a copy that indicated a brand new device.

My first attempt was the quick way out by contacting the seller about the problem and a possible replacement.
Needless to say there was neither any stock left nor did the seller see it as his problem as the GO was factory sealed in the box.
Ebay did not see a valid claim either as the problem clearly is a faulty product and not the fault of the seller.
Paypal stated there might be options but again pointed to the fact that the device was brand new and that the seller, Ebay or Paypal could not be made responsible.
The buyer protection in this would not cover me as the product was brand new and should be under full manufacturer warranty.
They all agreed that my warranty claim like similar cases before should be handled by the manufacturer directly.

Here is the last Email from the support team, quote:
"Thank you for getting back to me with the requested information.

As eBay is not one of our authorized retailers, we cannot use an eBay invoice as a valid form of the proof of purchase. The Limited Consumer Warranty is only applicable to units purchased from authorized retailers. More information on the warranty can be found here.

Your best option would be to see if the eBay seller could potentially exchange your unit for a different one if possible.

Thank you for your understanding.".

Now mind you that to get this point I had to waste two days trying to capture a clear image showing the offending pixel.
A bit pointless if the problem is well known since the first devices shipped out.
After this I was asked to provide all serial numbers, my full name, address, phone number and such.
To complete it with yet another response Email I was asked my claim can only proceed after I add my payment options to my Oculus account.
Not enough still as right after I was asked to provide proof of purchase.
Only to get an Email stating that the lack of quality control is now entirely my problem and that I wasted $500 ?
Oculus does not provide any list of authorised resellers in AU that I could find on their website.
Same for not stating that a customer is only entitled to any warranty if he or she bought the device from an authorised reseller.
But of course Oculus is more than happy to take my money for purchses made from their store on the device or linked phone.
Dodgy is the nicest word that comes to my mind here.
I would understand some reluctance for a problem that is new or different, like a faulty USB port, controller problems or such.
However I fail to understand it for a more than just well known problem that Oculus still does not seem to address before a device leaves their manufacturing plant.
Right now I am just glad I did not buy any apps or games as I was unsure how a replacement unit would affect getting them back on it with ease.
I assume a refund for purchases made would be refused too on such an "unsupported" device.
Again no info for this can be found easy despite it happening a lot...
I was looking forward to the updated version that is claimed to be available in 2019 but right now I can only say I can't consider it.

What more can I say?
Well, I could say I trusted a company to provide a decent and fully working product.
This would mean saying I did wrong by doing so without contacting them first to check if their devices actually work as advertised and to ask about the many options the company has to refuse a warranty claim for a brand new device.
As said, never had such issues with new products and a refused warranty, especially not for a product that is registered in my name and linked to my bank account....
Why again did I have to register first, then take pictures, then add more information?
Would be too easy to ask all this with the first response to a warranty claim, wouldn't it?
Right now my only option seems to be a forced Paypal claim hoping that Paypal will sort a warranty claim with Oculus - which is highly doubful from what I got from the Paypal support so far.
If that fails I can only sell it at a loss, so without being a dodgy seller like Oculus:
I would have to list it as used.
I would have to state the faulty pixel and that the device is not accepted for support through Oculus.
So if you were up to save a buck, how much would you pay for something that annoys the crap out of you every time the pixel lands on a grey, white or otherwise brighter area?
Might as well just donate it to the nearest OP shop LOL

No offence though as I learned a valuable lesson with my GO:
Don't buy a product from a company that has no working quality control.

What is your support experience in regards dead pixels, assuming I am the only one in the world that did not buy it from an authorised reseller?


  • Downunder35mDownunder35m Posts: 15
    After reading through a few more threads in this section it seems I can not even sell the GO as a used item.
    Glad I started reading before attempting to remove my user details and performing a factory reset.
    Seems the most common thing on any Android powered device is the number one killer for a GO.

    So if someone from Oculus could please give some advise on what would happen if my GO bricks like all the others in the other threads here?
    I guess that I would be the winner as the dead pixel could no loger bother me LOL
  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 940
    Both Oculus, and Amazon Australia, sell the Oculus Go and ship to Australia. ($369 delivered for the 64GB)

    So, where exactly in Oz are you? You're not camping  at Kata Tjuta are you?
    i5 6600k - GTX1060 - 8GB RAM - 0 PROBLEMS
  • Downunder35mDownunder35m Posts: 15
    Not, not that but when I looked there were no 64GB versions available without shipping costs that I consider far too high.
    But as said, can only blame myself for not trying to find the warranty terms before buying.
    Otherwise I would have waited and considered a prepaid credit card for the purchase.
    The best option I found at the time was close to $700AU, which makes it quite unattractive considering the actual device price.
    All that would have been no issue and I would have never had the need for a warranty claim.
    If quality control would have done a proper job that is....
    All I had to do in the past was to contact support, fill out the form and a copy of my purchase.
    But again, this was with companies actually having a support in Australia, so my fault to assume the same is true for a US company.
  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,220 Valuable Player
    a) Import directly from the US, add import taxes and all plus shipping costs in the range of $100AU.
    This would have increased the price of my 64GB GO to just over $700AU, or just over $500US!
    suming I am the only one in the world that did not buy it from an authorised reseller?

    It's $369 AU shipped from Oculus, taxes are included in the price.
  • Downunder35mDownunder35m Posts: 15
    Then it seems I must have been very unconcentrated and tired when trying to get my GO directly.
    Seems it is my fault then for being impatient and not finding and reading the limited warranty fineprints first.
    Will keep that in mind and do more research from now on when trying to import things directly :(
    Still the limited warranty makes no sense to me as it is even worse than what the company with the big fruit in the logo does.
    With the shipping control and serial numbers I see little to no chance a device would not originate from an authorised reseller.
    Even if one or more people/companies would resell it while still factory sealed.
    As said, for a Samsung phone I had no warranty issues at all despite not only being obtained through Ebay but also as a non AU model.
    But the spoon feeding drops of asking for more information instead of just asking for all directly when a warranty claim is made tells me enough.
    Same for what is posted in the forum here and not including what is all posted in other sources on the web in regards to the dead pixel problem.

    As said, lesson(s) learnt, will keep that in mind.
    And if just one person reads all this and at least partially understands my frustation then this person will make sure to buy the right way.
    Hopefully anyway.
  • Downunder35mDownunder35m Posts: 15
    Just to hopefully bring the story to end one day, here is an update:
    The seller seems to try his best to help and sort out the problem.
    Originally purchased the GO through the AU part of Newegg.
    Newegg stated they ordered a few thausand Oculus devices directly from Oculus, including a lot of full Rift models and accessories.
    So a standard warranty replacement or refund claim was opened.
    Shortly after Newegg must have realised that Oculus won't exchange faulty devices once sold to a customer.
    They stated to Newegg that Newegg is their direct customer but no aftersale warranty exists for sold items.
    According to AU consumer law Newegg is required to accept the warranty claim.
    However they are not legally required to replace the item, especially not for manufacturing defects.
    The repair on the other hand is impossible as their is no service support by Oculus for AU.
    As it stands now the seller can of course send the GO back to Newegg and wait for a repair, but what would that change?
    Unless Newegg comes to a deal with Oculus or just spits out the money for the faulty item it will go nowhere.
    The funny thing is that after I was informed that I am not entitled to the great Oculus support all following Emails from my side are being totally ignored.

    At this stage, both me and the seller wait and hope for a decision on the matter by Paypal and Ebay.
    Hopefully with a good outcome for both sides.

    So what does that mean now?
    Well, lets try to sum up how you have to do things with Oculus devices:
    1. Buy directly from them or make sure you double checked the list of supported an authorised retailers.
     This means for AU at least that not even buying from Amazon will help you.
    2. Never buy an Oculus product as a gift for someone without giving the person proof of purchase in THEIR name.
     Only the person who bought the device from an authorised retailer or drirectly from Oculus is entitled to a warranty and support.
    3. Never, ever move outside the support area with your Oculus!
     If you were living in the US, visitng or whatever and then take your Oculus device with you into an unsupported market area you might have to fight hard for your warranty.
    4. Almost all severe cases of fault will require a return and/or replacement.
     Quality control is IMHO non existing, so the user has to suffer for it.
    5. For every warranty claim you are forced to provide your bank details.
     Even if there won't be a refund of purchases and the device is simply replaced Oculus needs to make sure they got you anyway.
     If someone, for one reason or the other does not want to make shop purchases or register payment methods there won't be a warranty.

    No offense but in quite a few countries customer treatment like this will cause legal actions and punishment.
    Sometimes even class action law suits.
    The violation of privacy rights is a major concern but no real surprise knowing that Facebook is involved.
    You are basically only allowed to buy and use it but apart from that it is like a prison with no rights for the consumer.
    If a big retail company buys thausands of devices than I wonder why they were not told about the warranty issue.
    Then again if you make a seven figure sum from it than you got what you wanted and simply state you won't supply a warranty anyways.
    I started to chase the web for other user feedback and the results are quite surprising.
    As long as is working fine the main complaints are what you would expect from new technology.
    A bug here and there, some crashes and compatibility problems, nothing really major.
    However just seeing the many places people go to to write about the dead pixel problem in the GO...
    For a lot of these people the story is quite similar.
    The get a severe problem, try help and it ends with a replacement or for the lucky ones with a refund.
    But if you find a few stories where a user had to go through more than 3 replacements until a fully working GO arrived you have to wonder a lot....
    Then there are the stories of failing cables and connectors for the Rift models.
    I mean in all fairness: If you provide apps and hardware for some quite intense and fast movements than the stuff should be designed to handle some abuse.
    Or does anyone really keep all cables and stuff in mind once fully emersed in a game?
    Sure, if you use force but failures from normal use should not happen.
    Like other companies operating in similar ways the consumer has little chance to collect informations about hardware or quality issues.
    Online reviews usually get the devices to test for free and if provided by the company in a more or less direct way then the review is in favour of course.
    Playing the well known problems down is the way to go to keep sales up.

    Would I buy a Rift or the upcoming standalone model?
    No way with the current quality control and consumer gagging.
    What would be the point to buy if, even when buying through Oculus, any warranty issue would mean weeks to continue the game or just enjoy whatever you wanted to do with it.
    There is no statements about the postage times or cost reimbursement either.
    Just shipping a GO back to the US would cost a small fortune with Australia Post.
    Don't even want to imagine the costs for sending back a complete Rift system.
    I did not do any loggin for the short time I used the GO but I am quite certain privacy rights are breaches in several countries.
    If sold with the same firmware to the EU market that this is certain.

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