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Issues With All Oculus Connected Facebook Functionality.

ArcabardArcabard Posts: 6
I am experiencing issues with all Oculus Facebook connected functionality.
Friends, sharing, home, events, the store etc. all say that I am not connected to the internet or to try again latter. 

The browser though works as expected and I can surf the net with no problems. 

These problems started 11/2 and everything was functioning as expected as recently as 11/1 . 
The only change of note I made in between was updating my Oculus account name.

I have yet to set up developer mode on the device and have done nothing but install a few applications from the store.


  • ArcabardArcabard Posts: 6
    edited November 2018

    Reset the device and everything is working now.

    It seems this problem had something to do with the Oculus screen sharing functionality!?
    I noticed it has been removed from the menu.

    I wish that I had noted the version number I was on before reset XD
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