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Oculus Rift Framerate

vrsim01vrsim01 Posts: 1
Hi guys, wondering if anyone can help me. I am running 2 identical P.C's both using the oculus rift and various hardware for Sim Racing. I custom built both P.C's and installed identical software with identical settings. My problem is that when running both Sims there seems to be significant framerate issues with one P.C and not the other. I've tested the game using the oculus debug tool which showed my Performance headroom running at around "-100%"
I am running a Nvidia gtx 1080 in both P.C's, and using project cars 2 with all settings on the performance and vr setups in game at as low as they can be.

thanks in advance.


  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 1,099
    edited November 2018
    If that happened to me, I will use any tool providing more or less deep hardware report (E.g. CPU-Z, Passmark aka Performance Tool, UserBenchMark, etc. ) and generate both reports from both PC, and compare them possibly using a comparison diff tools. The performance tools (like Passmark) can really help to track exactly this sort of problem checking differences by seeing score numbers for each main component...
    Next step will be software checking.

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  • RolzRolz Posts: 193
    how about bringing it back a step and running GFX benchmarks on the PC's? Any difference there?
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