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Oculus Rift wont turn on / bad experience with new drivers

Jackwilly92Jackwilly92 Posts: 9
So I havent used my oculus rift for maybe 2 months. When I did, I downloaded a new driver for my geforce nvidia graphics card just because there was a new update. When I updated, the oculus experience got really bad and began to "lag" when I turned my head around and so on. So I degraded to my previous driver and everything worked fine.

Now today I wanted to use the oculus again for the first time in 2 months, In the Oculus app everything stated that it was correct input. The orange light on top of the rift was on. But the rift was just black, like it wasnt turned on. I tried reconnecting the cables again, startup the computer again and so on. Nothing worked.  
When I finally updated my drivers it did work and I was able to see in the rift again, altho now its "lagging", the same problem that I had before. And this time I cant go back to previous driver since the rift doesnt work at all then. 

Do you guys have any ideas what to do?
 ps, I have a MSI gp63 leopard 8re Laptop


  • rlaphamrlapham Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member
    +1. I have the same computer and similar lagging issue with the Rift. It plays most apps fine but seems to loose track of the Touch controllers a few times a second in apps like Quill and Medium. The result is very choppy, unusable lines. 

    Oculus support has told me the computer is not included on their list of guaranteed laptops. Still a 1070 nvidia graphics card should handle it.  
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