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Video Jitter When Moving Head Around

Tech9Tech9 Posts: 1
edited November 8 in Oculus Rift + Touch
I have the Rift Touch with very good PC specs and I have noticed a bit of jitter in the video while turning my head, essentially panning or tilting. It happens in the Home screen and in all games, apps. It's not terrible but enough to be annoying. I have tried recalibration, set up numerous times with the same effect. Lights on and off in the room make no difference. No mirrors or reflective wall decorations, USB ok, sensors (2) don't go offline, etc.

My Rig:

4.5GHz i7 AIO with 3 120mm fans, 360mm radiator
GTX-1080 TI SC2 x2 in HB SLI Bridge
Samsung SSD's, 2TB
32 GB DDR4

Not sure what to do next, no lag issues with any games I have played, usually tweaked to full settings. Excellent frame rates.



  • yoogyyoogy Posts: 3
    The same here on my brandnew Rift. .... since yesterday my Rift is Jittering and lagging. The video is jumping, Jittering  and in the end it is terrible to make anything in Rift.  HMD, Sensors and TOUCH are green. Sound is OK.  ... Changed USB Connections... Nvidia Driver back to 388.59 . Oculus new Install twice .... this Issue is from the last Oculus Update from Yesterday. Nothing had changes on my PC .... its my third Rift this Year :-(((((

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,101 Oculus Staff
    edited November 9
    It could be a conflict with other software on your computer. For example MSI Afterburner, RivaTuner, f.lux, TeamViewer, M-Audio, etc. should be disabled. Also, if you have Asus Sonic Suite or AI Suite, they need to be uninstalled
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