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[SOLVED] Oculus Rift Display Being Selected as Main Display.

Aurora_DazzleAurora_Dazzle Posts: 2
edited November 2018 in Support
I'm a single monitor guy, and I play on the Oculus from time to time. Ever since I've got it, it's been working fine. However, one day for some reason when I started up Oculus, my screen turned black, and I wasn't able to do anything. The screen only got detected my monitor again when I unplugged the Headset. After scratching my head for awhile, I finally understood what had happened. When the Oculus is started, it counts as a second monitor, and my PC would automatically detect it, and such. It never really did anything, so I didn't mind. My PC had for whatever reason, decided select the Oculus as the main display.

I tried everything I could to try and reselect my monitor as the Main Display, but that requires plugging in the Oculus, which would cause my PC Screen to black out (because the Oculus is being used as the Main Display). And without the Oculus headset being detected as a display, I can't choose which display to use for the PC. I've tried getting onto the Oculus beta, to use the Desktop function on there, but the option doesn't appear.

This isn't a PC issue, as this only effects my ability to play VR (in which it restricts me from playing VR at all.) If anyone can please help me, I'd be extremely thankful, as I'd love to get back on VR soon.
And before anyone asks, I have Windows 10.


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 1,055
    Pretty impossible to say for sure because you do not include any pc or OS details.  Sounds like it could be caused by having your monitor connected to your motherboard integrated gpu.  I think you should have both your monitor and Rift connected to your dedicated gpu.  If you only have one hdmi port on your dgpu then you need to connect your monitor to it's displayport, or you may need a DP/hdmi adapter for your monitor.

    In any case it's probably a good idea to contact Oculus support and ask them to walk you though all this imho.  Good luck sorting this out.
    Alienware 17r4 Laptop with i7-7700hq 2.8/3.6, 32 gb ram, gtx1060 w/6gb ram, 256gb ssd, 1tb hdd, Oculus Rift w/2x sensors.  Now using an Alienware Graphics Amplifier (AGA) with Zotac gtx1080ti Blower and Asus vg248qe 144hz external monitor.  All works great!
  • Aurora_DazzleAurora_Dazzle Posts: 2
    edited November 2018
    I managed to solve it by using a program called 'vSpatial' on the Oculus store. I simply used it as a virtual monitor, went into the windows display settings and changed the Main Display back to where it should've been.

    I REALLY appreciate the help though, if it does this stuff again, I'm going to look into your suggestions.
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