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[Oculus Go] How to make "Screen Capture" function in my App?

biwbiw Posts: 1

Hi, I'm a poor developer in a small company.
recently, my boss asked me to make a function that you can take a screenshot at the inside of a App.

yes, I know that Oculus Go has a Share mod that I can take a screenshot, but is is not i want to use it. 

what i want to make is to take a screenshot at the inside the app. 

I use Unity 3D but I couldn't find out how to make that function.

I tried to use <UnityEngine.ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot()> function but it won't work.

please angel developers, How can I make that function?

is <UnityEngine.ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot()>  function works in Oculus Go?

or do I have find another solution? do you have any suggestion?

Thank you
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